About Us

Chronic Candy & Behind the Brand

The lifestyle & history of Chronic Candy –

The company was founded in 1997, one of the first pioneers, leading the forefront of the CBD industry. Chronic Candy started as a hemp flavored lollipop & evolved into the complete line of products that you can find today. For the past two decades Chronic Candy has been touring the country & sharing the wonders of CBD.

After 20 years Chronic Candy has established a reputation, known for high quality CBD products. Our team is constantly working on new innovative applications for CBD enhanced products. We’re still touring the country promoting the benefits of CBD and the lifestyle behind it.

The Making of Chronic Candy

Our process for creating CBD products –

Chronic Candy uses CBD as the key ingredient in all of our products. Infusing with a wide range of ingredients can be a challenging task. Several years of R&D has gone into the creation of Chronic Candy products. Working with the purest form of CBD, an isolate that ranges 99% purity.

Hemp oil with a high CBD potency used to be how we infused our products. Using hemp oil as the key ingredient proved to be a challenging task, limiting the products & application.

CBD isolate is the key ingredient in our new products. The purity is refined thru a cannabinoid isolation process. Creating a final CBD isolate that’s 99% purity with a crystalline texture. The final product is completely free of all THC.

Blending the pure CBD isolate with other natural ingredients allows us to create virtually anything. No longer limited by the oily texture & taste of the plant. We use a blend of natural terpenes to create a unique flavor & powerful entourage effect for some of our products. While other products are designed solely to focus on the medicinal benefits of CBD.

What is CBD?

Our lab-certified CBD is sourced from the highest quality, organically grown U.S. hemp plants. The lab facility processes the hemp plant into a CBD isolate that boasts up to 99% purity. Everything is processed in a CO. state licensed facility & in compliance with all local extraction / isolation laws.

A hemp derived CBD vs. cannabis derived CBD usually has a noticeable difference. A CBD isolate is a completely refined & isolated cannabinoid, virtually impossible to tell if it was derived from cannabis or hemp. Legal standards restrict any amount over 0.4% THC –

Chronic Candy offers a wide range of products, with various applications. CBD can be used in numerous ways, in addition to edibles we’ve used it for skin-care, vapor juice & even pet-care. There’s a CBD product perfect for every occasion.

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