Chocolate Buds, Introducing the Newest CBD Chocolate From Chronic Chronic Candy

New Chronic Candy Product – Chocolate Buds!

Introducing our instant classic, Chocolate Buds – CBD chocolate treats. Infused with 200mg of cannabidiol (CBD), giving the rich chocolate an enhanced effect. Chronic Candy is one of the original curators of CBD treats, established in 1998. Our first product was the hemp-based lollipop; over the years we’ve expanded the product line. The Chocolate Buds are the latest & greatest creation from the innovative team behind the brand.


A tub of buds sits atop the counter in the middle of the kitchen. An excited houseguest may assume it’s the real thing at first glance. Taking a second look you’ll notice the “gourmet chocolate” & bold branding that identifies what’s inside. 200mgs of Chocolate Buds in six delicious flavors; Banana OG, The Purps, OG Kush, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookies & Cream, Blue Dream. The bite-sized pieces of chocolate allow for measurable doses if used as a CBD supplement –

Chocolate Buds make a great novelty treat, fun prank, or just a casual snack. The main feature of this product is the unique shape in addition it’s enhanced with CBD. We use a pure CBD isolate as the key ingredient, precisely & accurately infused with every batch.

We recognize CBD as a beneficial key ingredient in all of our products. Dozens of research articles & information has been shared across the web that identifies the multiple benefits of this amazing compound. Some of the benefits include, but not limited to: antibiotic, pain relief, muscle relaxer & much more.


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